¿Estás planeando una boda o fuga a corto plazo?

ESTUDIOS DE FOTOGRAFÍA DE BODAS ABIERTOS DURANTE EL COVID-19 - Muchas parejas no quieren esperar. Están planeando casarse en un futuro muy cercano, fugarse o apresurarse a una pequeña ceremonia con su fotógrafo, algunos amigos cercanos y familiares, pero prescindiendo o posponiendo la fiesta de recepción. 

Vea historias de fotos de WPJA de bodas más pequeñas - WedElope | ¡Elige el amor, no el miedo!

Wits End, Ellijay, Premio a la historia fotográfica de la fuga de Georgia

Wedding Venue Image from a Wit's End Georgia elopement showing the reactions to a toast from a friend

Imagen del lugar de la boda de Wit's End de Georgia | reacciones a un brindis de un amigo

Erin and Emily react to a toast from a friend.

Erin and Emily’s plan for a March wedding with more than 100 guests went out the window when the pandemic hit the US early that month. They postponed their wedding until October thinking that all would be back to normal.

Alas, that did not come to pass.

And thus, an intimate COVID-friendly wedding with a few friends and family was born.

The couple’s nuptials took place at Wit’s End, “a dreamscape of babbling streams, mountain valley meadows and magical ancient forests dotted with secret sitting areas, cozy fire pits, tree swings, old farm buildings, a pavilion, and a modern cottage.” 

Even after rescheduling, they found themselves still bound by the safety concerns of COVID-19.

So, here are a few things they did.

1) They created a sign that included safety instructions such as: “Thank you for keeping 6 feet distance,” and “We’re not hugging,” and “Thank you for wearing a mask.”

2. They set up chairs by family groups, with members of a single-family sitting together, but more than 6 feet from another family seating group.

3. They had masks made to match their color scheme for the day.

4. Masks, in three different sizes, were left in a box near the ceremony seats, so guests could pick one upon entering.

5. Close family members quarantined for 14 days before the wedding.

The couple, their family, and a few friends celebrated their love on a beautiful day in the mountains, despite the pandemic.

GA Weddings and Event Photo showing The flower girl, and bridesmaid get ready together

Wit's End Weddings and Event Photography | The flower girl, and bridesmaid get ready together

Emily, her flower girl, and bridesmaid get ready together.

GA Wedding Photography showing parents walking down the outdoor ceremony aisle

Ellijay, GA Wedding Photography | parents walking down the aisle

Emily and parents follow Erin and her parents down the aisle at the start of the ceremony.

Northern Georgia Wedding Photo showing an old farmhouse serving as the ceremony backdrop

Northern Georgia Wedding Photos | an old farmhouse served as the ceremony background

The ceremony took place in a field near an old farmhouse.

Georgia Wedding and Event Venue Image of daughter and son fighting back tears

Wit's End Weddings & Events Venue Images | daughter and son fight back tears

Erin's daughter and son fight back tears while Emily shares her feelings for them during the ceremony.

Northern GA Outdoor Wedding Photo of A father officiating the elopement

GA Outdoor Wedding Photographers | A father officiated the wedding

Erin's father officiated the wedding. Both Erin and Emily are ministers.

GA Wedding Reception Photo showing Tables were set up to seat family groupings for COVID

GA Wedding Reception Photography | Tables were set up to seat family groupings

Tables were set up to seat family groupings and spaced further apart than suggested COVID guidelines.

GA Wedding Reception Pavilion Image from Wit's End in Ellijay of dancing with father

Reception Pavilion Image from Wit's End in Ellijay, GA | dancing with their father's

Erin and Emily dance with their father's. Both families quarantined for 14 days before the wedding.